About BDAC

Our Committee

The following people look after our club – if you have any questions at all for them, get in touch via email, Facebook or phone.

President: John Moody​

Vice Presidents: P. Jackson, R. Stagg, R. Moulton, N. Butt, B. Hunt​

Chairman: Tony Beddingfield​

Vice Chairman: J. Moody​

Secretary: Pete Brundish

Treasurer: Dave O’Loughlin​

Match Secretary: Craig Whelan

Membership Secretary Craig Whelan (07525 966 187)

Press Officer: Craig Whelan​

Committee Members: J. Allen, B. Hunt, T. Greenslade​

Club Records

Submitting a Claim for a Record or Trophy

All fish submitted for a record claim or trophy must be witnessed by a committee member or a person nominated by the committee and weighed on official club scales.
Please contact any of the following for an official weigh in

James Allan (07717 693570)
Pete Brundish (07867 988306)
Bryan Hunt via Conyers (01258 452307)

or any committee member.

BarbelClaims of 3lb or moreN/AN/A
Bream9lb 2ozJ. Bumby2007-2008
Carp (Common)28lb 12ozM. King2002-2003
Carp (Mirror)17lb 4ozM. King1994-1995
Chub6lb 12ozJ. Potts2009-2010
6lb 12ozJ. Moody2010-2011
Dace15ozK. Wilson1988-1989
Eel1lb 8ozG. Chard1995-1996
Grayling2lb 9ozM. White1978-1979
2lb 9ozT. Davies1994-1995
GudgeonClaims of 2oz or moreN/AN/A
Perch3lb 11ozB. Hunt2008-2009
Pike28lbG. Thorpe1965-1966
Roach3lb 2ozM. Stone1978-1979
Tench5lb 12ozD. Cookie1966-1967
Trout9lbT. Brooksmith1958-1959

Friends of Blandford Angling

The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion are the Clubs official address and we hold committee meetings at the Legion on a regular basis.

Conyers of Blandford

Suppliers of Club memberships and offer a wide range of tackle for all of your angling needs. Also supplier of baits and clothing.

Angling Trust

{Why being part of the Angling Trust benefits the club}

Land Owners & Guardians

{Who we work with to provide authorised access to The River Stour}

Affiliated Clubs

{Who we have swap tickets or fishery access to}

Environment Agency (link)

They work to create better places for people and wildlife, and support sustainable development.

EA is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.