Additional Match Guidance (COVID-19)

COVID-19 Match Guidance

In response to the measures in place for managing the spread of COVID-19 we are applying a strict code of rules to our matches, as follows. Any queries at all, please contact Craig directly.

Craig Whelan (07525 966 187, ) will officiate the match

The following rules have been drafted taking guidance from the Angling Trust published Best Practices for Coarse Competition Fishing under COVID-19

All rules are to be obeyed, without question, for the safety of each other, our communities and the continuation of our sport

Pegs will be checked for distance prior to the match proceeding, where two pegs are less than 15m apart, the next peg will be allocated to the draw

Anglers will meet bank side at Nutford Farm, observing a 2m distance

Those arriving by car are requested to give enough space to navigate around cars with equipment and ensure social distancing can be maintained

Draw will take place by Craig, peg numbers will be pulled from the bag and advised to the anglerAnglers are to make their way to the allocated peg immediately, maintaining social distance

At all times (draw, match, weigh in and post match), anglers are to maintain social distance, no visiting of other anglers or pegs during the match or weigh in

Craig will nominate, at the draw, an angler (ideally another committee member) to record weights at the time of weigh in

Anglers are to stay in their peg for weigh in, the angler will be asked to transfer the fish in to the weighing container at which point Craig will weigh the catch on a tripod setup

Craig will return the fish to the water and the angler will continue to pack away and leave the peg, maintain social distance

Results will be calculated and published to Facebook, Club website and where appropriate, text message

Unfortunately, we will not be permitting Junior members to fish the Evening Series at this time, we will update the guidance in due course