Work Party – Get Involved!

Two work parties in the diary for now, will aim to get some more in over the rest of the year to keep on top of things.

24th June; 1800-2000 @ Nutford Farm

1st July; 0800-1200 @ Crown Meadows / Poplars

General ‘gardening’ work – not planning anything extensive at this stage, kind of work involved will be as follows

– Swim cutting (on land)
– Peg staking and attaching peg boards
– Spade cut steps/landings as required
– Strimming grass for pathways
– Branch cutting as needed (on land, below head height)

A small selection of equipment is available 2 line strimmers, shears, branch saw and a spade, please bring your own PPE (eyewear, hearing protection, mask, gloves, boots etc) please. We will make enquiries about additional equipment hire – and also if you want to bring your own, please let us know!

If you wish to get involved, please get in touch with Craig on 07525 966 187 to confirm arrangements.