Match Reports

2018 Evening Series – Match 3

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

A continued dry spell wasn’t going to make the fishing any easier this evening, and coupled with a clash with an England international football match…turn out and the fishing was going to be hard going. 6 anglers attended the third match of our Evening Series, we decided to run the match across the middle pegs in the first field given the abundance of weed in the second field swims (despite maintenance prior to opening the coarse season). The weather was slightly cloudy but warm and still no rain meant water levels were lower still this week.

Variation on catches between pegs was massive as seen by the tabled results below. Terry finally found his form and put 2lb of fish in the net, a brilliant result given increasingly difficulty conditions. Tony and David proving also the fish were to be found, with a couple of reasonable Perch and Roach to be found. Running line proving of favour, with waggler and single white or double red maggot attracting the fish where they were to be found.

We’re quite unsure what happened between Stewart, Liam and Craig this week, questions were asked if hooks were attached to line!

Weights at the end of the night as follows

3Terry Greenslade2lb.00oz
4Liam Tuck0lb.03oz
5Tony Beddingfield3lb.00oz
6Craig Whelan0lb.01oz
7David Litchfield1lb.02oz
8Stewart Randell0lb.07oz

Full report and tables can be found here.