Match Reports

2018 Evening Series – Match 4

Tuesday 10th July 2018

For our fourth match in the 2018-2019 Evening Series we changed venue to Crown Meadows, after a visit over the prior weekend to ensure suitability and confirm we had enough pegs to fish the, decision was made (thank you for being patient with our decision making). We had 6 anglers arrive to fish this wonderful venue.

Pegs were placed from the sty past ‘The Poplars’ downstream, a variety of swims with high and low bank features, reed beds and coverage from trees on the far bank in places. Making the effort to get to this stretch of river is worth it for the spectacle of it alone – not to mention when pegging out shoals of fish could be seen in most of the pegs, this was going to be a good evening of fishing – IF we could get the fishing feeding.

Slightly cloudy with a breeze, still experiencing warmer temperatures and no rain – this could be tough going. However, a few of our anglers found that the fish were biting at the first cast and those lucky enough to keep the fish in their pegs and keep them biting had a busy evening.

A mixed bag of Roach, Perch and Chub were the staple for the catches during the evening. Waggler with maggot or worm proving successful with feeding of hemp and/or maggot keeping the fish rooted to the peg. Worm was definitely working for those looking to attract Perch in the depths – Crown Meadows is certainly holding deeper water than Nutford.

Weights at the end of the night as follows

1David Litchfield1lb.14oz
2Terry Greenslade0lb.11oz
3Stewart Randell0lb.08oz
4Liam Tuck5lb.12oz
5Craig Whelan3lb.04oz
6Tony Beddingfield3lb.12oz

Full report and tables can be found here.