Match Reports

2018 Senior Championships – Match 1

Sunday 29th July 2018

We had half a dozen anglers turn up for the much anticipated first match of the 2018-2019 Senior Championship; weather extremes through the summer caused the first two matches to be postponed. We were happy to see old faces back at the bank and also welcome new anglers to the club matches.

Our first match was held across the first 13 pegs of field 1 at Nutford Farm; an ideal stretch with plenty of opportunity and capable of hosting many anglers if the numbers turn out.
Reasonable bags of Roach and Perch were had across the banks with Alex Compiani using the whip to great effect and bagging some superb examples of the rivers offerings.

Well done Alex on a superb bag – the best we’ve seen during a match for some years! A well presented stick float or waggler rig with maggot prove to be a reliable combination on this classic river stretch.

Weights at the end of the night as follows

1Alex Compiani10lb.00oz
2Craig Whelan3lb.10oz
3Stewart Randell3lb.06oz
4David Litchfield2lb.08oz
5Bob Steel2lb.00oz
6Dave O’Loughlin1lb.04oz

Full report and tables can be found here.