Match Reports

2018 Senior Championships – Match 3

25th November 2018

Returning to Nutford for the 3rd time, we pegged from permanent pegs 13 up stream to the very corned of Field 1. There had been a distinct dip in temperature in the previous week and it’s thought this impacted the days fishing, our contingent of anglers reported using all tactics available (stick, waggler, ledger, feeder, pole) and exploring all depths across all areas of the swim (margin, seams, near/mid/far, trotting through) … and the results are telling.

Our experienced anglers stuck out a long day with Tony Beddingfield enjoying a significant turn around to last months catch, hauling in an impressive 1lb 8oz on the day. Impressive given the next best effort was Alex Compiani with 12oz followed by a draw for 3rd place with Liam Tuck and Dave O’Loughlin bringing in 4oz each.

Congratulations to Tony – it was hard fishing, seeing 3 of our anglers blank (some noting not even registering a bite!); not detracting from Tony’s efforts though – the fish still need to find their way on to the hook and in to the net! Well done.

Once again, thank you to all anglers who managed to make it out for the day.

Weights at the end of the night as follows

1Tony Beddingfield1lb.08oz
2Alex Compiani0lb.12oz
=3Liam Tuck0lb.04oz
=3Dave O’Loughlin0lb.04oz
4Chris Barnard0lb.01oz
=5Stewart Randell0lb.00oz
=5Craig Whelan0lb.00oz
=5Terry Greenslade0lb.00oz

Full report and tables can be found here.